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After several drive tests, working tests and exercise tests we finally reached our intention. It is August 9, 2008 and we are leaving for the first real one-week ride. We are heading for Hungary to see the Lake Balaton and we want to examine the driving properties and construction reliability of our REBEL on the local roads properly. We are riding two motorcycles. Yamaha 100 GTS and Suzuki GSX-R 600. We are curious mainly on the way the lightweight Suzuki manages with the trailer. Already the loading of our luggage shows where the advantage of our trailer is. Rucksacks and everything else we need to travel is comfortably stored in the trailer and we take the top suitcase just because of the habit. Before driving away we are riding to take in petrol and the first excited responses of drivers at the petrol station pleased us. A strong gust wind is blowing. With a full tank and full of expectations we start cutting the first kilometres of the Bratislava motorway. At the beginning we ride very carefully and we keep watching the REBEL´s reactions at the spring-back mirror.

After few kilometres we are finding out that everything works as it should and we are losing our initial stress. We are riding calm and at ease. Our first stop-off is the petrol station in Bratislava, where we had a coffee. Just to be sure we are checking the wheel suspension, spring-back and the connection with motorbikes. Everything is all right and we can put brain to making photographs and to curious passers-by.

Refreshed with coffee we go on riding. The weather got better and we are facing to 230km for today. The rest of the ride is proceeding without any problem and REBEL obeys our instructions very well. When riding about 100km/h you do not know that there is a trailer behind you at all. It serves very well even on side roads which are far from to the ideal road surface. In these conditions we really appreciate the quality of shock-absorber with fluently changeable flyback intensity. We are reaching the place of accomodation at about 5pm with the Sun shining in our back. That is the time we already know that travelling with REBEL is a grat fun. We are slowly unpacking our luggage and we are enjoying the well-earned beer. We are enjoying the riding with REBEL all week. The weather is great and the water is warm. The roads around the Lake Balaton are really very nice and they are worth riding. In one week we drove almost 2000km on the roads of all kinds with our REBELs, with different loading weight and without any problem. We were really pleased with the interest of not only drivers, but also of accidental admirers, who made photographs of us nearly in each step. Just the Hungarian is quite difficult for fellow countrymen, that is why we often communicated by using hands and legs and not by words.

After evaluation of our travel experiences we can proudly say that the REBEL succeeded in our exam. We wish to all who buy our product to enjoy a lot of fun and calm kilometres on your ways through Europe.

More photographs in Photogallery section.


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